Energy efficiency analysis in Incremental Sheet Forming operations

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In literature, manufacturing processes have been studied with different approaches, but a lack in terms of their environmental impact and energy required is still present. The aim of this paper is to compute some energy efficiency analysis on a specific manufacturing process. More in detail, the attention will be focused on the Incremental Sheet Forming process in order to evaluate the required energy and how it changes for changing process conditions. Accordingly, a wide experimental investigation has been executed taking into account different process parameters (i.e. tool depth step, punch diameter, wall inclination angle and sheet thickness). The total energy consumption has been monitored during all the experiments and properly weighted with respect to the deformation energy, required to execute the process. At the end, a sensitivity analysis has been carried out in order to highlight which conditions allow to reduce the energy consumption without reducing both the process suitability and the product quality.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012


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