Emerging photocatalytic applications of graphitic carbon nitride

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Graphitic carbon nitride assisted partial photocatalytic oxidation of the biomass platform molecule 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furfural (HMF) in aqueous medium was investigated. Different carbon nitride precursors were considered, being melamine the one yielding the most efficient photocatalyst The thermal exfoliation procedure of g-C3N4 gave rise to exfoliated samples with higher specific surface areas that also showed both an enhanced photocatalytic activity in conversion of HMF, and selectivity (ca. 42-45 %) towards FDC. The utilization of radical scavengers revealed that superoxide radicals were the main reactive species responsible for HMF oxidation to FDC. The use of natural solar light resulted in higher yields of FDC compared to that observed in the laboratory set-up, thus demonstrating the applicability of the exfoliated carbon nitride material in a real-life condition.
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