Electrochemical Processes and Apparatuses for theAbatement of Acid Orange 7 in Water

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We have studied the electrochemical treatment of aqueous solutions contaminated by Acid Orange 7(AO7) by electro-Fenton process (EF). The main objective was to evaluate how the electrochemical routeaffects the performances of the degradation process. EF process wascarried out in a number of verydifferent reactors: conventional bench scale electrochemical cell, microfluidic electrochemical reactor,microbial fuel cell and stack for reverse electrodialysisprocesses. The utilisation of micro devices allowedto work without the addition of a supporting electrolyte and improved the performances of EF. Microbialfuel cell did not need the supply of electric energy but our device required very long treatment times.Reverse electro dialysis processes did not need electric energy and gave more reasonable treatmenttimes.
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