El papel ejercido en la esfera pública y privada por la infanta Eleonora de Aragón en la Sicilia del siglo XIV

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The paper analyses the role of Eleonora d’Aragona, daughter of Giovanni, duke of Athens and Neopatria, and wife of Guglielmo Peralta, count of Caltabellotta and vicar of the Kingdom. Protagonist of the Sicilian history in the second half of the fourteenth century, she was constant and privileged referent of kings and intermediary in relationships between the two Martino and Peralta. She intervened in political life, she administered with caution and astuteness the dominion created with her husband. She was author of family fortunes when planned alliances through contemplated nuptial choicesand when she became guardian of the underage granddaughters and managed and safeguarded the considerable estates in the Val di Mazara.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteAutoridad, poder e influencia: mujeres que hacen historia
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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