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Introduction. Bone metastases are an emerging clinical problemin colorectal cancer patients probably related to survival increase.There are no data in literature about the role of BPs in thetreatment of bone disease from colorectal cancer. We present thefinal data of a large Italian multicenter retrospective analysis.Methods. 264 colorectal cancer patients with occurrence ofbone metastases have been included in the study. All patientswere dead due to cancer at the moment of the study inclusion.Patients characteristics, Skeletal Related Events (SRE) data andmedian survival after bone metastases appearance have been collectedin a master data base and statistically analyzed. The primaryefficacy endpoint was time to first SRE; secondary endpointwas median survival. 31 patients have been analysed as controlgroup.Results. In 107 patients bisphosphonates data were not available.A total of 157 patients have been included for zoledronic efficacyanalysis. A total of 126 patients received zoledronic acid(4 mg) via a 15-minute infusion every 4 weeks until performancestatus worsening or death. The median time to first SRE in thewhole population was 2 mths (1.04-3.45). The median time tofirst SRE in the zoledronic treated patients was 3.168 mths (0.49-2.19) compared with 1.71 mths (0.41-0.90) in the control group(p = 0.009). The median survival after skeletal progression was 7mths (5.75-8.704). The median survival in the zoledronic treatedgroup was 10 mths (8.08-11.91) compared with 6 mths (4.45-7.54) (p = 0.161).Conclusions. Complete results of statistical analysis will bepresented during the meeting. The present analysis represent theefficacy demonstration of a bisphosphonate in bone metastasesfrom colorectal cancer patients.B13 LENOGRASTIM IN PREVENTING
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