Effet de moiré et dérobades diégétiques chez Vautrin

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This article aims to examine the importance of clothing in Balzac, especially the different accoutrements of the character of Vautrin from his first appearance in the " Père Goriot " (1834), through the "Illusions perdues" (1835) -1843) and up to " Splendeurs et misères des courtisanes" (1838-1847); meanwhile Vautrin became the character of a homonymous pièce represented in 1840. Through a study that takes into account the analysis of the description and its psychoanalytic implications, it is shown how the use of clothing serves the diegetic "dé-robade".
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospite« La grâce de montrer son âme dans le vêtement ».
 Scrivere di tessuti, abiti, accessori. Studi in onore di Liana Nissim, tomo II
: L’Ottocento e il tournant du siècle
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