Effects of Packaging on Shelf-Life and Quality of Minimally Processed Fennel

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Fennel is not a widespread product among minimally processed vegetables,due to the fast deterioration mainly caused by browning of the cut surfaces,even during cold storage. In order to extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut fennel,the influence of different packaging techniques was studied. Sliced fennel,dipped in citric acid solution (0.5 %), was placed in polystyrene trays, sealedwith PE film or vacuum packaged in PE bags and stored up to 14 days at 4°C.During this period weight loss, soluble solid content, pH, color and firmnesswere evaluated. Minimally processed fennel packed in sealed trays and coldstoredat 4°C, extended its shelf life to 14 days maintaining acceptablequality. Fennel stored in vacuum packaging showed a lower weight loss buthad severe alterations of flavour that led to loss of marketability after only 7days.
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