Effects of feeding diets supplemented with fungus myceliated grains on some production, health and oxidation traits of dairy ewes.

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The beneficial properties of mushrooms bioactive compounds indicate their potential use as performance enhancing natural additive for livestock animals. This paper reports the preliminary results of a research on the effects of diets supplemented with fungus myceliated grains (FMG) to lactating ewes in terms of intestinal parasites control, milk production and cheese oxidative stability. During 8 weeks, 21 ewes were divided into 3 groups fed with hay ad libitum and 1.3 kg/day per head of one of 3 concentrates with 0, 10 or 20% of FMG. In front of analogous DM and nutrients intake, the ewes fed FMG at higher levels showed a reduction of intestinal parasite infection, a tendency to improve milk yield and a higher milk casein content. The increase of FMG in the diet was responsible of production of cheeses with a lower secondary lipid oxidation and a higher antioxidant capacity, suggesting a major oxidative stability of cheese fat and an enrichment of cheese in antioxidant compounds induced by the FMG. These preliminary results appear to be promising, and further investigations are recommended.
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