Effects of BDE-47 exposure on immune-related parameters of Mytilus galloprovincialis

Andrea Santulli, Concetta Maria Messina, María Ángeles Esteban, María A. Esteban, Concetta Gugliandolo, Andrea Santulli, Concetta Gugliandolo, Cristobal Espinosa Ruiz, Giuseppe Renda, Maria Morghese

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The persistent pollutants polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) have been demonstrated to produce several negative effects on marine organisms. Although Mytilus galloprovincialis was extensively studied as model system, the effects of PBDEs on the innate immune system of mussels remains unclear. In this study, except for the control treatment, specimens of M. galloprovincialis were fed with microalgae treated with increasing concentrations of PBDEs (maximum level 100 ng L−1 of BDE-47 per day). BDE-47 treatment was maintained for 15 days and then the animals were fed with the same control diet, without contaminants, for 15 days. Samples of haemolymph (HL) were obtained at T0, T15 and T30 days of the experiment to evaluate different parameters related to immunity, such as neutral red retention time, and peroxidase, protease, antiprotease, lysozyme and bactericidal activities. BDE-47 exposure for 15 days affected both the stability of haemocytes and humoral parameters. In addition, the obtained results indicated that, at 30 days, after 15 days of culture without contaminant, the immune parameters were still affected, as some of them did not return to the basal levels, and others remained stimulated. Overall the results indicate that BDE-47 exposures at environmentally realistic levels may affect various aspects of immune function in M. galloprovincialis, acting as stressor that can compromise the general welfare.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Numero di pagine9
RivistaAquatic Toxicology
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019

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