Effect of the different data survey scale on assessment of seismic exposure and vulnerability of the historic center of Caltabellotta

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The results of the prediction of exposure and seismic vulnerability for the buildings of the historic center ofCaltabellotta, obtained with databases of different levels of accuracy, are compared. In particular, the results obtainedon the basis of the estimation of the characteristics and of the distribution of the typologies derived from the fillingin of the CARTIS sheets on a sector scale are compared with those obtained through a survey from the outside to abuilding scale. In this latter area, indicators contained in the CARTIS are suitably supplemented with those availablein the literature, partly modified to adapt them to the local reality. The vulnerability is evaluated on the basis of theRISK-UE method, using suitably adapted values of the vulnerability modifiers. In the application of the procedure,the difficulties emerged in the recognition and attribution of the typology of masonry in the presence of plasteredbuildings are highlighted. In this context, a typological investigation is developed which, starting from the surveyand the material classification of the buildings with exposed faces, and retracing the possible transformation processesthat the structural housing units have completed, formulating two simplified criteria for the attribution of materialproperties. to the buildings plastered according to the plano-altimetric characteristics and the elevation of thebuildings. The outcomes prove the accuracy of the procedure based on survey at the sector scale.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteAtti del XVIII Convegno ANIDIS L'ingegneria Sismica in Italia : Ascoli Piceno, 15-19 settembre 2019
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019

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