Effect of the air pressure on electro-Fenton process

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Electro-Fenton process is considered a very promising tool for the treatment of waste waters contaminated by organic pollutants refractant or toxic for microorganisms used in biological processes [1-6]. In these processes H2O2 is continuously supplied to an acidic aqueous solution contained in an electrolytic cell from the two-electron reduction of oxygen gas, directly injected as pure gas or bubbled air. Due to the poor solubility of O2 in aqueous solutions, two dimensional cheap graphite or carbon felt electrodes give quite slow generation of H2O2, thus resulting in a slow abatement of organics.In this context, we report here a series of studies [7-9] on the effect of air pressure on the electro-generation of H2O2 and the abatement of organic pollutants in water by electro-Fenton process. The effect of air pressure, current density, mixing and nature of the organic pollutant was evaluated.[1] E. Brillas, I. Sirés, M.A. Oturan, Chem. Rev., 109 (2009) 6570-6631.[2] C.A. Martínez-Huitle, M.A. Rodrigo, I. Sirés, O. Scialdone, Chem. Rev. 115 (2015) 13362–13407.[3] M. Panizza, G. Cerisola, Chem. Rev. 109 (2009) 6541–6569.[4] I. Sirés, E. Brillas, M.A. Oturan, M.A. Rodrigo, M. Panizza, Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. 21 (2014) 8336–8367.[5] C.A. Martínez-Huitle, S. Ferro, Chem. Soc. Rev. 35 (2006) 1324–1340.[6] B.P.P. Chaplin, Environ. Sci. Process. Impacts. 16 (2014) 1182–1203.[7] O. Scialdone, A. Galia, C. Gattuso, S. Sabatino, B. Schiavo, Electrochim. Acta, 182 (2015) 775-780.[8] J.F. Pérez, A. Galia, M.A. Rodrigo, J. Llanos, S. Sabatino, C. Sáez, B. Schiavo, O. Scialdone, Electrochim. Acta, 248 (2017) 169-177.[9] A.H. Ltaïef, S. Sabatino, F. Proietto, A. Galia, O. Scialdone, O. 2018, Chemosphere, 202, 111-118.
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