Effect of CSN1S1 G allele on some characteristics of milk produced by Cinisara cows

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In bovine milk about 37-40% of total casein is represented by s1-casein. The CSN1S1 G allele is characterised by a less efficient protein synthesis (about 40%) compared with the other known alleles because of the insertion, in the 19th exon, of a Long Interspersed Nuclear Element relict responsible for a reduced mRNA stability. The lower proportion of s1-casein in milk is associated with faster formation, higher firmness and greater resistance to compression of the curd.The purpose of this study was to analyse the G allele distribution at the CSN1S1 locus in Cinisara breed and its influence on some milk traits. The Cinisara is a small Sicilian breed for which, recently, recovery and safeguard actions were accomplished. Milk obtained from this breed is mainly used to produce the Caciocavallo Palermitano, a typical cheese that represents an example of link between breed, breeding environment, and traditional dairy technology, factors highly appreciated by consumers today. We typed 192 lactating cows at the CSN1S1 locus by means of PCR analyses, and a frequency of 0.039 of the CSN1S1 G allele was observed (1 homozygous and 13 heterozygous cows). Individual milk samples of these cows (low s1-casein) and 23 control cows (normal s1-casein), were analysed for total nitrogen (TN) and non-casein nitrogen (NCN) according to FIL-IDF standard procedures, and for fat by an infrared method (Combi-foss 6000, Foss Electric, Hillerød, Denmark).. Coagulation properties were measured using the Formagraph. Control cows where choosen in the same herds of G carrier cows and had comparable lactation stage and number. Data were analysed using ANOVA procedure in which the fixed factor of CSN1S1 was evaluated. The results of this study show that also in Cinisara the CSN1S1 G allele is associated with significantly lower protein (P<0.049), casein (P<0.046), and casein index (P<0.039). Moreover the milk of cows with CSN1S1 G allele show a tendency to a lower percentage of fat (P<0.072). As a consequence, the CSN1S1 G allele is associated with significantly lower coagulation time (r) (P<0.019), and tendentially lower curd firming time (k20) (P<0.057), and higher curd firmness (a30) (P<0.063). These results confirm that CSN1S1 G allele considerably affects milk traits. Further analyses are necessary to evaluate the influence of this allele on yield and composition of Caciocavallo Palermitano cheese.
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