Doubled haploid production in onion (Allium cepa L.): from gynogenesis to chromosome doubling

Maria Germana', Patan Shaik Sha Valli Khan, Mondem Muni Raja, Gujjula Vijayalakshmi, Mude Lakshmipathi Naik, Mondem Muni Raja, Randal G. Terry, Mondem Muni Raja, Mondem Muni Raja, Patan Shaik Sha Valli Khan, Shaik Sha Valli Khan Patan

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Bulb onion (Allium cepa L.) is an allogamous diploid (2n = 16) important for its culinary uses, nutritional value, and medicinalbenefits. Despite its economic importance, onion yields and bulb quality are declining, emphasizing the need for newand improved strategies for maintaining and enhancing overall crop quality. Development of inbred lines in onion throughtraditional breeding is often difficult due to its biennial life cycle, inbreeding depression, and comparatively high heterozygosities.Moreover, genetic research in onion has been hampered by large nuclear genome size. In this regard, gynogenicdoubled haploids promise several advantages over inbred lines in support of onion breeding programs and genetic studies.These include complete homozygosity in doubled haploid lines, reduced DNA methylation, elimination of deleteriousalleles, and amenability to genetic analysis. This review focuses on the application of in vitro gynogenesis for producingdoubled haploids in onion. Factors influencing haploid induction, methods for inducing chromosome doubling and ploidyassessment, evaluation of haploid progenies and doubled haploid lines, and features of doubled haploids potentially usefulin crop improvement and genetic studies, are discussed. We identify four major limitations to the success and efficiency ofin vitro gynogenesis in onion and discuss strategies for mitigating the negative impacts they pose. This review may be usefulto research programs producing doubled haploids in onion or other Allium species using in vitro gynogenesis.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2020

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