Disegno, progetto e anima dei luoghi

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The book " Quadri per Milano - prove di architettura " (LetteraVentidue, 2017) collects nine projects on Milan by Angelo Torricelli, drawed up between 1991 and 2017 and ordered according their location within the city and the adopted solutions. The volume, conceived as the catalog of the exhibition organized at the Department of Architecture of Palermo, assumed the character of a reflection with several voices about the relationships between representation / project / place. The intentionally meager texts (of the author), which accompany the projects, indicate exclusively the reasons and objectives of the proposals. The three initial essays and the closing one, on the other hand, propose a particular point of view on the projects, that refers to more general reflections, originating from: the apparent simplicity of the transformations and the clarity of the theoretical assumptions as well as from the evident use of the design as an indispensable instrument of investigation and design, very distant from a representation, that can make the architecture “appealing, seductive, photogenic”. Within all the essays there is a constant coherence in interpreting modernity in the relationship with the history of places, although the projects were born at different occasions and times.
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