Discorsi geneticamente modificati nella democrazia dello 'streaming'. Il nuovo ordine del discorso politico nell'Italia post-berlusconiana

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In this paper I discuss some features of Italian political discourse after theending of the so called ‘berlusconismo’ (that is, the specific communicative style ofSilvio Berlusconi, the leader of Italian right wing for almost two decades). Inparticular, I display the figure of Matteo Renzi, the current Italian Prime Minister andSecretary of PD, the most important Italian political party. In my work, I try topinpoint the peculiarity of Renzi’s discourse strategies. In this vein, I suggest to usethe notion of ‘disphasic discourse’, in order to underline the strong decrease of styles,genres and textual types variability characterizing his ways of communicating.I focus the attention on two aspects. The first issue concerns the places (no matter ifreal or virtual) Renzi elected as symbol of that change on behalf of which he hasbased his career: the social networks and Twitter in particular. The second aspect isthe storytelling technique that Renzi uses in a strategic and explicit way.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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