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The vocational development consists of helping the pupil to move his/her first footsteps in the real exercise of freedom, respecting the different stages of his/her development, so that he/she consistently act according to ethical principles and progresses in the correct direction to find an access to new degrees of freedom and responsibility. In the Academic Years 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 six high school teacher councils of year 4 classes in Palermo have been involved in the project Aracne. Thanks to the collaboration of experts and researchers, they have experimented a vocational development training, through the learning of the disciplinary contents, in order to develop students’ essential skills to formulate a career choice. The present contribution shows the project made by the high school of Humanities "Altavilla", in Palermo, about the way the teachers can develop the ability of planning and the career choice of their pupils, starting from the disciplinary contents taught in the last year of the high school.
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