Dire estetica, fare estetica con l'architettura

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This essay deals with the theme of "realized aesthetics", focusing on the peculiar way by which it takes place in the case of architecture. Actual "fragments" of the discipline of Aesthetics randomly crop up in the "discourse" on architecture: either as proper theory or as teaching or as client/architect relationship.Architectural design indeed quite often is born by means of a dialogue between "mother" architect and "father" client (Filarete, Wright). To this respect the author propose the definition of architectural design as "aesthetological diffuse act". In the following part of the essay the difference between art and architecture is stressed in order to better define the architecture as realized aesthetics theme. Architecture is in fact strictly tied to "making" being it possible only under the circumstantiality of reality. Loos's definition of architect as "mason who knows Latin" is reassessed under this light. The notion of function is also treated discussing its role as an element in the making of aesthetics, using Rossi's and Rykwert's critique of a simple idea of "form follows function". Lodoli's ideas as well as Dalibor Vesely's husserlian reading of architecture are discussed il the last part.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteCostellazioni estetiche. Dalla storia alla neostetica. Studi in onore di Luigi Russo
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013

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