Diode laser treatment of a large oral hemangioma

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Background. Several options can be taken into account to treat hemangiomas; the most considered is the surgical excision, although total removal is not always possible, especially for large lesions, since vital structures can be involved.Another treatment includes the diode laser therapy. Objectives. The aim of this study was to report a clinical case of micro-invasive treatment of a large oral hemangioma in the buccal mucosa using a 900 nm diode laser.Case report. A 49-year-old female patient was referred to our sector of oral medicine reporting difficult chewing, swelling, and occasionally bleeding, from a congenital neoformation. Clinical examination revealed a dark blue andmultiglobular (size 5x3 cm) lesion of the right buccal mucosa. After diascopy, loss of normal coloration in the place of the lesion was observed. After the eco-doppler evaluation, a diagnosis of congenital haemangioma was formulated, and the patient was treated by photocoagulation by diode laser at 900 nm wavelenght, and 2.5 W of power, in continuous wave mode for 90 s. Irradiation was delivered by means of a flexible quartz fiber that was kept 2-3 mm away from the lesion. Treatment was performed without topical, local, or general anesthesia, in six-monthly-sessions. Allstages of treatment and healing were photographically documented. After the treatment, the lesion was blanchedand visibile shrinkaged. No adverse effects (atrophy, scars, hyper- or hypopigmentation) were observed after the treatment. No intra and postoperative pain was reported by the patients. On 3-months follow-up, no recurrence was observed. Conclusions. Likewise reported by other studies, diode laser photocoagulation treatment proved to be an useful method for the treatment of oral hemangiomas. For the safety of use and the absence of intra and postoperative discomfortfor patients, it would be considered a valuable tool in the treatment of large hemangiomas.
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