Diffusion Dialysis for Separation of Hydrochloric Acid, Iron and Zinc Ions from Highly Concentrated Pickling Solutions

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Acid recovery from pickling waste solutions is an important step to enhance hot-dip-galvanizing industry process sustainability. Diffusion dialysis (DD) can be used to separate acids and heavy metals (e.g., iron and zinc) from pickling waters, promoting the circular use of such raw materials. In the present study, a laboratory scale unit operating in batch and a continuous large scale unit, both equipped with Fumasep anionic exchange membranes, were tested. Results obtainedshow that zinc and iron concentration affect the HCl recovery in opposite ways. Iron chlorides enhance acid recovery, while zinc chlorides considerably tend to diffuse through the membrane because of negatively charged chloro-complexes formation and slightly reduce the acid diffusion. A multi-components mathematical model, with a time-dependent and distributed-parameters architecture, was adopted enabling the prediction of operations with hydrochloric acid, zinc, and ironmetals both in batch and in continuous dialyzers. As a result, a good comparison between model simulations and experiments was achieved in both configurations.
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