Diagnosi di enteriti infettive di origine virale nel cane

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    Canine Viral Enteritis are widespread in farms and kennels. Responsible viruses are Parvovirus (CPV), Coronavirus (CCoV), Rotavirus (CRV) and Distemper Virus (CDV). Aim of this study was to assess their prevalence in Sicily and to characterize the strains isolated during 2009-2012. For this purpose, samples (stools, rectal swabs, intestine, liver, spleen, heart, lung, brain) collected from dogs were analyzed by PCR, RT-PCR and Real Time RT-PCR. Positive samples were processed for virus isolation on cell lines. Viruses isolated were analyzed by RFLP and sequencing for molecular characterization. Results show an high prevalence of CPV infection in dogs, followed by CCoV, CRV and CDV. CPV prevalence was confirmed by virus isolation. Molecular analysis of CPV has shown the prevalence of CPV-2c variant. Molecular characterization has implemented information about the CPV-2 variants spread in Sicily and to discriminate between CDV vaccine strains and wild type strains.
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