Development of integrated 3D methods for the creation a DVR-based knowledge platform

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This study is onc of 1hc ac11v111cs organised as pan or the ByHeriNet project ("Byzaminc Hcritage Network:Rehabilitation. highlighting and management in the Eas1cm Mcditerrancan Basin'"). promotcd undcr the EUProgrammc known as INTERREG lii B .. ARCHIMED".Thc main objcc1ivc of thc ac1ivi1ics of the lbamlTLab wi1hin the ByHcriNet projcct is Lhc devclopmcnt of intcg ratedmcthodf> for thc creation or 1hrec-dimensional models using laser scanning techniques. digitai photogramrnctry. 30pho1omodelling and dircct survcying. applied 10 Byzantinc sites in thc province of Lecce and thc region of Basilicatain thc South or haly.The thrcc-dimcnsional modcls cstablishcd using thcse melhods constitute an advanccd inrorma1ion pla1form, able torcprc cnt 1hc archilcctural morphology or the huildings under study with grea1 accuracy at various scalcs, includinghoth dc1ailcd clcmc111s and 1hc monumcn1al arrangcmen1 as a whole, as well as 1hc tcxtural fea1urcs or thc internal andcxtcmal surfaccs.Thc main airn of lhis Mudy i 10 cnablc thc public to enjoy the resuhs of archacological and archaeornctric rcsearch,via thc wch or stand-alone products. and to "vinually visit'' thc rnonuments using RealTimc 30 visiting syslcms. Thenavigation platforrn allows Lh c user to visualise complex sccnes and DVR-bascd knowlcdgc models in "full- crcenmode" cvcn on desktop cornpu1crs. As wcll as showing thc currcnt state of thc monurnents, Lhc visit inc ludcsrcconstructions of prcvious phascs in thcir his1ory and vinual rcstorations of thc Byzantine paintings. Ali thc tcxturcswcrc ohtai ncd by proccsses of photomodclling and wcrc applicd to 1hc geometrica) fonns in accordancc with 1hcradiosity algorithrn, with ligh1s and shaclows of 1hc ·arca' typc. Thc rcsult is cxtrcrnely life-likc. almos1indistinguishahk from rcality.
Lingua originaleEnglish
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteRemote sensing for archaeology and Cultural Heritage
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2008


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