Development of an IoT Environmental Monitoring Application with a Novel Middleware for Resource Constrained Devices

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In this paper the development of a Mobile Health monitoring system is described. Thesystem combines user location data with air quality information provided by a heterogeneous sensinginfrastructure providing users with advises about their daily exposure to air pollutants. Thehighly dynamic integration of different kind of nodes, mostly characterized by rather constrainedresources, of this application is crucial to implement the Internet of Things vision, and requirespowerful and effective programming methodologies to abstract implementation of high-level distributedprocessing from hardware dependencies. We then describe our programming methodologyand our novel middleware supporting distributed applications on constrained devices. Our developmentapproach is based on distributed symbolic processing through executable code exchangeamong nodes, and permits to extend the capabilities of nodes even after their deployment.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2014


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