Development and validation of a fast and sensitive chromatographic assay for all-trans-retinol and tocopherols in human serum/plasma using liquid-liquid extraction.

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    A sensitive HPLC assay for all-trans-retinol, a-tocopherol, and g-tocopherols in human serum and plasma is reported.Sample preparation is performed in one step and involves precipitation of proteins and extraction of lipids with two volumes of an ethanol–chloroform mixture (3:1, v/v) without I.S. addition. After removal of the precipitated protein, 20 ml aliquots of the supernatant (equivalent to 6.7 ml of serum or plasma) were injected into the HPLC system and analyzed using fluorometric detection. RP-HPLC was performed using a C18 S3 ODS2 column with a methanol–water step gradient (97:3 to 100) at 1.0 ml/min. The quantification limit expressed as nanograms of analyte per milliliter of serum or plasma was approximately 30 ng for all-trans-retinol, 300 ng for a-tocopherol and 250 ng for g- and d-tocopherol. The method wasvalidated and applied to human serum and plasma from a total of 120 subjects. This procedure requires a small volume of serum or plasma and can therefore be a valuable tool for measuring low concentrations of these vitamins in preterm infants with sensitivity, precision and accuracy.
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