Design of a transverse flux machine for power generation from seawaves

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Linear electrical generator has been recently studied for the exploitation ofsea wave energy, however the definition of the optimum geometry to be used is still debated and due to the fact that seawave energy is characterized bylow speed and very high forces, a generator which is able to convert energyat low speed and high force is needed. In this paper we investigate the possibility to use a transverse flux linear generator (TFG) because transverse fluxtechnology presents the highest force density per volume index among theiron based electrical machines. The advantages of TFG topology against theclassical longitudinal concept are [1]: (a) the magnetomotive force per poleis independent from the total pole numbers; (b) the magnetic flux geometryand the coil section are independent design parameters; (c) armature coilsgeometry is simple; (d) phases are magnetically decoupled. Exploiting thisadvantages we have designed a TFG for power generation from seawaves.Since the TFM’s flux path is intrinsically 3D, a 3D finite element analyseshas been used to design the motor. In order to optimize the design, severalsimulations were done assuming well defined constraints. In each simulationthe electrical and geometrical parameters of the generator were varied androtor was supposed to be acted by a water wave train. The wave train consisted of ten oscillations. Each oscillation of the train wave had an amplitudeand a frequency generated through a random number generator whose statistic features were obtained from the experimental data of actual seawaves.The objective function was the maximization of energy output and the constrains were the volume of iron to be used. This approach leads to determinea well defined geometry of TFG. This geometry has been used to numerically simulate the generated electromotive force, the power output, and to evaluate the maximum mechanical stress on the generators parts
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteProceedings of 12TH JOINT MMM-INTERMAG CONFERENCE
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2013


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