Democrazia e corporazione in Léon Harmel

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The name of Léon Harmel (1829-1915) can certainly be associated with the historical story of French social Catholicism of the nineteenth century. Entrepreneur and social reformer, Harmel played a key role in opening up the Church to the problems of modern society. He was not a theoretician in the strict sense, nor a political thinker, but a "realizer". Yet his figure and his work deserves, in our opinion, specific attention. Both because he was representative, on the level of his own personal biography, of an era of great intellectual and social transition, and because he was the first to create the Christian corporation in his wool factory in Val des Bois. Supported by a substantial trust in the people, Harmel believes that the reconstruction of a new solidarity of life can only come from below; for this reason it addresses the workers and the people directly. He was always convinced of the need for a strong Christian workers' movement that would acquire influence on legislation and administration, that would build a life based on solidarity on a professional basis and that would not simply target economic interests, but would aim to achieve autonomy of the working class, rebuilt with its own strength. This idea was pursued throughout life and carried forward with the organization of factory councils, Christian circles of social studies, workers' congresses and the Christian democratic movement.
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