Death by Facial and Skull Injuries of a Motorcyclist Wearing a Full-Face Helmet: Case Report and Literature Review

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We describe a case of death by facial and skull fractures with brain injuries of a motorcyclist wearing a full-facehelmet. A 40-year-old man driving a high-powered motorcycle crashed violently into the rear of a stopped car. Themain results from the autopsy revealed the deformation of the left orbito-zygomatic and fronto-temporoparietalregions corresponding to bone fractures with laceration at the left temporal lobe. The CT scan of the helmet revealedthe detachment of the energy-absorbing liner. Moreover an impact speed of 93 Km/h resulted from the analysis ofaccident dynamics. We analysed the literature regarding the effectiveness of full-face helmets in reducing the risk offatality and we sought the factors that may have deleted the protection offered. The lesions causing death were dueto high speed and probably the inadequacy of the helmet.
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