Data concerning the proteolytic resistance and oxidative stress in LAN5 cells after treatment with BSA hydrogels

Giovanna Navarra, Valeria Militello, Pasquale Picone, Marco Contardi, Pier Luigi San Biagio, Daniela Giacomazza, Marta Di Carlo, Marta Di Carlo, Pasquale Picone, Pier Luigi San Biagio

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Proteolytic resistance is a relevant aspect to be tested in the formulation of new nanoscale biomaterials. The action of proteolytic enzymes is a very fast process occurring in the range of few minutes. Here, we report data concerning the proteolytic resistance of a heat-set BSA hydrogel obtained after 20-hour incubation at 60 °C prepared at the pH value of 3.9, pH at which the hydrogel presents the highest elastic character with respect to gel formed at pH 5.9 and 7.4 "Heat-and pH-induced BSA conformational changes, hydrogel formation and application as 3D cell scaffold" (G. Navarra, C. Peres, M. Contardi, P. Picone, P.L. San Biagio, M. Di Carlo, D. Giacomazza, V. Militello, 2016) [1]. We show that the BSA hydrogel produced by heating treatment is protected by the action of proteinase K enzyme. Moreover, we show that LAN5 cells cultured in presence of BSA hydrogels formed at pH 3.9, 5.9 and 7.4 did not exhibit any oxidative stress, one of the first and crucial events causing cell death "Are oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction the key players in the neurodegenerative diseases?" (M. Di Carlo, D. Giacomazza, P. Picone, D. Nuzzo, P.L. San Biagio, 2012) [2] "Effect of zinc oxide nanomaterials induced oxidative stress on the p53 pathway" (M.I. Setyawati, C.Y. Tay, D.T. Leaong, 2013) [3].
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RivistaData in Brief
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2016

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