Dallo scavo archeologico alla riprogettazione virtuale di un edificio: La chiesa a doppia abside del casale di Quattro Macine, Giuggianello (Lecce)

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The increasingly widespread use of computational technologiesin the archaeological field it has opened up new possibilitiesof research thanks to the passage of information technologyfrom simple support for "management and documentation"of data as a tool for the "production and analysis" ofdata themselves. Nowadays, having new software fromcomputer-aided architectural design (ComputerAided Design) it is possible for the archaeologist to usethe computer to realize a virtual reconstruction intendedas a tool of archaeological analysis of an artifactbuilding, retracing all the individual steps of the activityconstructive up to the original architectural project.To proceed in this work we must do areverse procedure to the one that led to the constructionof the building, which is nothing but the result of the variousaspects of the building process, starting from what remainsof the architectural and archaeological evidences of the monument,that is, construction activity.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteIII Congresso nazionale di archeologia medievale : Castello di Salerno, Complesso di Santa Sofia, Salerno, 2-5 ottobre 2003
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2003

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