Dalla grammatica alla riflessione sulla lingua nell’insegnamento dell’italiano LS/L2

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The central question in teaching Italian as both a mother and as a foreign/L2 languageis on what should be the role of grammar within a wider linguistic debate.Grammar has not always been linked to the linguistic debate either in teaching of Italianas a mother tongue language, in which a more grammatical way of teaching prevails,or in teaching Italian as FL/L2, in which the emphasis deals instead with the central roleof communicative functions over structures.The goal of the article is to highlight what are the didactic potentials that might emergefrom a linguistic education based on the development of both metalinguistic and metacommunicativereflections and also for learners from a L1 typologically which is very distantfrom Italian, such as Chinese speaking students.To reach this goal, the first part will briefly trace the evolution of the teaching of grammarin Italian as L1 while the second part will present approaches and methods that enhancesa description of the system of Italian as a target language.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteFra cinese e italiano. Esperienze didattiche
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