Dal Mediterraneo nuove strategie

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Place where thoughts, riots, artistic influences converge, by definition, the Mediterranean is an area of contamination, a picture of thousand shades and colours. The import of many items from all over the world has made sure that Mediterranean, in historical process, to evolve in its current size in which different components gradually became constituent parts of the life of its inhabitants in various areas, from the landscape, architecture, art and cousine. Sovereign place where is the awareness matured that the differences represent richness, was, is and will be a place of ecounters and conflicts, merger and separation, of harmonious coesistence and continuing mistrust. while it is unthinkable to want to eliminate frome one day to another individual ethical traditions of every people., on the other side you can not even believe that we can immediately establish a code of ethical standards universally acceptable. Only through a right education and awareness of different cultures it's possible to recover the link between heritage of the past and prospects for a real development.
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