Dal liceo all’università: un modello sperimentale di orientamento

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In this paper, the theoretical framework, hypotheses, experimental design and phases of a research just begun in six high schools of Palermo are presented. This research is aimed at 1) reducing in the students the gap between the acquired knowledges at the end of high school courses and those required at the beginning of university courses, and 2) strengthing the ability to formulate their own professional life project. The joint action of three types of interventions will experiment: expressive writing to prefigure one’s own educational-professional future, the guidance interview to exercise one’s decision-making skill and the conduction of afternoon teaching workshops held by a university professor and a high school teacher from the same discipline. It intends to verify if the participation in this initiative facilitate, in high school students, the development of three transversal skills that significantly affect the process of maturation of the educational-professional choice: the adequate image of the current «oneself», the perceived self-efficacy and the decision-making skill.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2019

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