Cultura e Amministrazione nella transizione digitale

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The research concerns cultural heritage and, in its overall dimension, the evolution of culture, considered in the light of the very significant transformations in the contemporary global world, which in an unprecedented and expansive way affect its conceptual framework, also in terms of the relationship with the person, considered in the role of user and co-creator of the cultural value; and they also invest public duty which is entrusted with tasks of protection and promotion of both the development of the person and of culture. The analysis points out the overcoming of a markedly materialistic vision, the shift of attention from the conservative dynamics to the management profiles of cultural heritage, the processes of updating the relationship between culture and economy in the light of the inevitable change factor in the transition. digital, which contributing to the vivification of cultural heritage, and culture in general, highlights the current limits of the definitional question in the internal legal system and the coordinates that direct culture to be codified as a right, and the need for a jury statute of the digitized public cultural asset .
Lingua originaleItalian
EditoreCacucci Editore
Numero di pagine441
ISBN (stampa)9791259650269
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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