Costruzione e validazione del questionario DIDLab “La didattica Laboratoriale: apprendimenti e stili di conduzione con l’approccio IBSE”

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This paper presents the results of the construction and validation of the questionnaire “Laboratory teaching: IBSE-based learning & conducting styles” aimed to measure the approach Inquiry-Based Science Education knowledge and the conducting style in laboratory teaching, which involved 523 students of the specialization course for the activities of educational support of the University of Palermo; The built-in measuring test consists of 42 items divided into five 5-point Likert macro-areas. The analysis showed that the questionnaire is of good correlation, designed to investigate the knowledge of the investigative approach and improve the style of conducting laboratory teaching. This is useful to facilitate the acquisition of a competence in each school order. The laboratory, in fact, represents the transversal mode which promotes a complete preparation and capable of continuous renewal in the student. The analysis showed very satisfactory results with regard to the reliability and validity of the constructed questionnaire. On the basis of the factorial analysis conducted were extrapolated the two most representative factors, called Styles of conducting in laboratory teaching and Knowledge of the approach Inquiry-Based Science Education. Finally, a MANOVA 2 X 2 was conducted to explore differences related to the years of service and the level of education where it is taught. This survey found a correlation between the knowledge and the application of the IBSE approach to laboratory teaching as much greater as the years of service and within the primary and secondary schools of first degree.
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