Costruire lo spazio. Il cantiere gotico, dal disegno all'esecuzione.

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In each time, the construction site has been a challenge, the concrete locus of the realization of ambitious designs, innovative experiments and evolutionary ideas, which allowed to make a decisive technological progress.Complex and various is the situation of Sicilian building yard, often influenced by numerous inputs from other cultural areas of the Mediterranean basin, with a lot of different knowledge, heterogeneous materials and techniques, designers and workers.On the one hand, the Gothic building had limited knowledge and basic methods about strength of materials, composition of forces, mechanical and static; despite collapses and failures, the technicians and builders derived ingenious insights and results, operating a selection of experiences filtered by common sense, associated with extreme audacity and technical capacity. Following the experience of the previous centuries, by judicious choice of building solutions it derived the architectural style of the time and, simultaneously, the latter is adapted to the intellectual capacity, the material and financial means of the various geographical contexts.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteCOSTRUIRE IN PIETRA, PRATICA E STORIA
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