BackgroundRotavirus vaccination (RV) is recognized by internationalhealth authority as the best strategy to prevent rotavirusgastroenteritis (RVGE) in children. Costs of RVGE wereestimated in several studies and were classified into direct andindirect costs, that should be further divided into Health careand social perspective. This study aims to evaluate RVGEhospitalization costs in Sicily, before and after universal massRV (UMRV) introduction.MethodsCases of RVGE were defined as all hospitalizations with anICD-9-CM diagnosis code of 008.61 on any diagnosis positionamong children aged 0 to 59 months. Data were obtained fromHospital discharge records (HDR) of the Health RegionalOffice from 2009 to 2014. Direct and indirect costs of RVGEhospitalization for health care and social perspective werecalculated on data reported in the REVEAL study. RV costswas extrapolated from a budget impact analysis published in2013 by Vitale et al.ResultsIn Sicily, during the pre-vaccination era (2009-2012) werereported 963 RVGE hospitalizations per year with a meanHDR cost of 1,521E (1,465,000E per year) , against 511 RVGEcases per year (mean HDR cost of 1,321E; 675,000E per year)after UMRV introduction (direct hospitalization Health carecosts). Moreover, direct and indirect hospitalization costs forsocial perspective was estimated 1.5 times bigger than directhospitalization health care cost (pre-vaccination era2,255,000E per year, post-vaccination era 1,020,000E peryear). Finally, cost of RV vaccine in Sicily in 2013 and 2014 was1,300,000E per year (mean vaccination coverage 37%). InSicily after RV introduction, every year was estimated a 46%reduction of RVGE hospitalizations and a 700,000E benefit forRegional fund.ConclusionsDespite low vaccination rate and even though the inability toevaluate the impact of RV vaccination on primary care andemergency access for RVGE, our study demonstrated the highcost-effectiveness of UMRV on hospitalization rate and costsin Sicily.
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