Controllo della mobilità del lavoro straniero e razzismo culturale

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The international migration is an economic and political matter. Infact, economicand political is its history, that began with the dawn of capitalism,which by definition requires the free mobility of the workforce, but alsoneeds to subject it to strict controls not to let it become elusive as it is freeto move. To understand the racist abuses that accompany the migrationpolicies in Europe and Italy, it is necessary to focus on certain elements thatcould be examined closely. It concerns the history of the capitalist economyand the relationships between the advanced capitalist countries and thosefrom which the migrants move. In this speech we intend to show how thereis a precise relationship between the regulation of economic migrants, functionalto the capitalist accumulation and racism, especially to the culturalracism. This last element in fact works as ideology that justifies, more or lesslatent, politics towards migration in Europe and Italy. Through the economicand juridical lowering down of the migrant, the racism allows the integrationof the migrant into a system of exploitation. The cultural loweringdown of the migrant works as legitimating ideology of the economic andjuridical lowering down of the migrant. In this context no intercultural dialogueis possible and inequalities allows to think to the cultural encounteras a "clash of civilizations".
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