Contributi alla interpretazione, conservazione e restauro dei manufatti storico-artistici dell’Orto Botanico di Palermo: il Paride di Nunzio Morello

Francesco Maria Raimondo, Vincenzo Magro

Risultato della ricerca: Articlepeer review


Contributions to the interpretation, conservation and restoration of the historical and artistic artifacts of the Botanical Garden of Palermo: the Paride by Nunzio Morello – Purely cognitive and conservative requirements of the historical-artistic heritage of the Botanical Garden of the University of Palermo, have led the authors to present one of the most representative monuments of such Garden that is of great artistic and cultural value in the City of Palermo: the Paride Pensante, a marble sculpture made in 1839 by the Palermo sculptor Nunzio Morello - a pupil of the most famous artist Valerio Villareale - donated to his homeland and placed in the men- tioned Botanical Garden, in the square in front of the Serra “Carolina”. The sculpture is commented on in relation to the artistic addresses of the period in which it was realized and the mythical figure of the represented subject is discussed. Together with biographical notes on Morello, the cultural period in which he was formed and the artistic direction that distinguishes his work are recalled. Furthermore, information is given on the characteristics of the sculpture and on its conservation conditions. Finally, restoration interventions deemed necessary and not delayed are requested. In this regard, examined the current condition of the sculpture, which has been exposed to the deteriorating action of meteoric and biological agents for almost two centuries, measures aimed at recovering its integrity and readability are outlined. In particular, it is hypothesized should be, after restoration, the original sculpture placed in a suitable place for long-term ex situ conservation and a copy of a replacement already made by the management of the Botanical Garden should be placed in the previous site in order not to preclude its use at the site of origin.
Lingua originaleItalian
pagine (da-a)73-84
Numero di pagine12
Volume26 (2015)
Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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