Continuità tra tessuti urbani e spazi agricoli in contrada Raccuglia, Partinico

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In the northern suburbs of Partinico, the public housing districtlocated in Raccuglia area extends into the large agricultural areato the north of the town, which is characterized by extensivecrops, sowable lands, olive and citrus groves, vineyards, andorchards. From the built-up area (town) the country is seen asthe main element of the urban landscape, however there are nosignificant connections between the countryside and the district,which are in fact divided by large paved surfaces. This featureinhibits the potential given by the special location of the districtiin respect to the town center. A new opening towards thecountryside should instead create new connections among thesurrounding urban areas1, which seem to be related only to thetown center. In order to make this opening possible, the projectidentifies two new roads that cross urban and agricultural areasintersecting inside the district. The first one, in an east-westdirection, goes from Montelepre to the Jato dam, passingthrough the district next to via Carnevale; the second one, in anorth-south direction, connects Parrini and Borgetto and crossesthe district running parallel to via Emanuela Setti Carraro. Inorder to create a continuous agricultural land it is planned to burya section of the new branch of the beltway provided for byGeneral Town Plan to connect SP 1 (Partinico-Montelepre) andSS 113, which is expected to pass north of the town. This sectiongoes from the intersection between via Forlì and via DallaChiesa, up to over the new north-south cycle-pedestrian path.This idea could be the starting point to restore a spatial continuitybetween countryside and town so as to remove the state ofmarginalization faced by Raccuglia district2 and to reshape thesurrounding uncultivated areas.
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