Construcción y justificación colonial: el discurso dominante en Legiones y Falanges

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During the 20th century, European colonial regimes used numerous and different means in order to impose their politics and support their practices, and, as my research wants to show, in this frame the press played one of the most influential roles. In fact, drawing upon the bilingual magazine Legioni e Falangi. Rivista d’Italia e di Spagna/Legiones y Falanges. Revista mensual de Italia y de España (1940-43), this study aims at defining colonial press as paradigmatic of the relations between the dominant and the dominated and as an instrument of identity construction as well.The goal of my work is to reveal the argumentative and persuasive strategies involved in the conversion of the journalistic discourse in a weapon in the service of the manipulation of the receptor, demonstrating in this way the Colonial Empire’s ideological plan and his justifying persuasive intent.
Lingua originaleSpanish
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteMedia, Power and Identity: Discursive Strategies in Ideologically-oriented Discourses
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2018

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