Conoscenza, conservazione, valorizzazione: criticità, processi e approccio unitario

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Knowledge, conservation and enhancement are distinct but inseparable intentions; they have arisen over the last three centuries for reasons related to different points in the timeline. We need to know something precisely because it is different from the ordinary built environment, and because it is a testimony to the past. This something is vulnerable, so we need to protect it, because of the importance of handing it down it to future generations. Enhancement is a relatively new objective, focused on present time; we need to integrate architectural heritage with contemporary life, because of its role in our identity. Today, at the same time, we are pursuing these three objectives that are equally urgent and critical. In fact, too often knowledge is not reliable in supporting other activities, conservation being lost in the labyrinth of inadequate resources and clashing skills and enhancement becoming a pipe-dream.In order to prevent knowledge, conservation and enhancement from remaining mere good intentions, lacking concreteness, it is essential to use a process-based view. If the activities necessary for achieving these three aims are articulated in an organized sequence of process steps, it is easier to identify the skills, operational tools, procedures and resources necessary for carrying them out. The integration between knowledge, conservation and enhancement processes demands centralized control, with a systemic framework of interdisciplinary contributions, and a common base for interoperability during the various phases, in order to untie critical knots that also represent factors of inefficiency in the construction process of new buildings.
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