Comunicazione e divulgazione della ricerca scientifica applicata all’archeologia : il punto di vista degli young researchers

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What is the relationship between science and communication? And how important are cultural dissemination tools for the research survival? Recently, the archaeological study has undergone a substantial change, thanks to the introduction of noninvasive digital surveying techniques as well as physical and chemical analyses. It became therefore necessary to form a new archaeologist able to use them and to dialogue with new professional figures that move in the same direction. Also, it’s essential to promote the communication expert figures, which linked the scientific world and the public at large. Actually, Digital storytelling is a learning tool increasingly used by museums to enrich their offer through emotional experience and participatory processes. The Digital storytelling is based on the idea of combining the oldest and most traditional form of communication and transmission of knowledge with the newest means of communication and of sharing information: different forms and types of digital multimedia devices.
Lingua originaleItalian
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteScienza ed Archeologia: un efficace connubio per la divulgazione della cultura scientifica
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2017

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