Comparison of LIBS and micro-XRF measurements on bronze alloys for monitoring plasma effects

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The laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technique is often used as atomicspectroscopic technique for elemental analysis of materials. However, it presents somedrawbacks that make an accurate quantitative analysis difficult. Since the plasma properties,such as spatial inhomogeneity and plume stoichiometry strongly depend on the experimentalconditions, the measurements are less reproducible. In order to evaluate the measurementfluctuations, we propose to use the more established micro X-Ray fluorescence (m-XRF)technique for validating LIBS data. In particular, the quantitative data, obtained by varying thelaser fluence, the shot numbers and the temporal acquisition parameters, were compared withthose obtained by m-XRF on laboratory made samples of binary, ternary and quaternary bronzealloys. For LIBS measurements a mobile double pulse laser instrument equipped with an highresolution Echelle type monochromator coupled to an intensified CCD camera was used. m-XRF analyses were performed with a portable instrument that uses a micro collimated X-Raybeam and it is equipped with an high resolution detector. The LIBS results show a strongdependence both on the instrumental set up and the chemical-physical properties of the sample.With our findings we could identify the most suitable parameters to be used in the investigationof the different bronze alloys. The possibility to carry out a quantitative analysis by using theLIBS technique was checked through the comparison with related m-XRF data. In particular inthis paper we identified a set of reliable LIBS parameters for the quantitative analysis ofcopper, tin and zinc. Further analyses will be necessary to reach this goal also for the minorconstituents as lead
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