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In this short essay, some features of real communication between parents and children are outlined, according to the personal pedagogical point of view of the author. It seems that, before of decribing these caracteristics, parents should first be outspoken on what they already know about this subject, because of their daily educational experience lived in contact with their pre-teens (11-14 years old) and teenagers (15-19 years) sons. For this, we first refer to some ideas on this topic expressed by the parents who participated in the focus groups provided for by the pedagogical meetings made in some secondary schools of Sicily; in this context, the author intervened as rapporteur within the scope of the "POnTe" project. Secondly, we refer briefly to some "background" ideas that justify and enhance the ability to listen in the family. Lastly, an educational technique of listening in the family (practical tips, listening code and customization techniques) in proposed; using this technique, parents can improve their listening skills by minimizing, on the one hand, disputes, misunderstandings, mutual closures to interpersonal communication; on the other hand, by shortening the distances that today separate generations of teenage children from those of adult parents.
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Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteLa comunicazione intergenerazionale. Attività integrate di formazione e sviluppo delle strategie di apprendimento negli studenti
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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