Combined therapy with insulin and rGH in thirteen Italian patients with type 1 diabetes (T1DM) and growth disorders.

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Background: Combined GH and insulin therapy are rarely prescribed in pediatric pts because the association of GHD and T1DM is rare and maybe for the difficulties in managing a double therapy with opposite effects on glucose metabolism.Objective and hypotheses: To investigate on the attitude of pediatric endo-diabetologists in treating these pts.Methods: Data were collected from over 50 centres belonging to the ISPED. The inclusion criterion was based on the double therapy for at least 6 months with insulin due to T1DM, and rGH, due to growth impairment.Results: Most centres stated that the use of combined therapy was considered uncomfortable and frequently avoided, whereas 10 centres reported the treatment of 13 pts (7M, 6F). In 7 pts T1DM was the first diagnosis (age at onset from 1.5 to 9.5 yrs) and they weretreated with insulin (group 1) and with rGH subsequently (after 0.5-9.75 yrs) due to idiopathic GHD in 4 pts, Turner s. in 1 pt, Leri-Weill s. in 1pt and bone dysplasia in 1 pt. In 6 pts rGH therapy was started first (age at start 2.5-12 yrs) due to idiopathic GHD in 4 pts, organic GHD in 1 pt and Turner s. in 1 pt. Height SDS at the start of rGH therapy ranged from -2.5 to -3.9. Longest duration of rGH therapy was 7 yrs and 5 pts are still treated. Insulin schedule was with MDI in 10 pts and with CSII in the remaining 3. In the 7 pts of group 1, mean insulin dose increased during the first 6 months after rGH start from 0.68 to 1.06 U/kg (p=0.03). HbA1c was not modified after 6 months compared tothe baseline value (7.62±0.8 vs 7.76±0.57). In the pt with Leri-Weill s. rGH therapy was stopped due to impaired metabolic control. Nosignificant side-effects during the treatment were reported.Conclusions: Double therapy with insulin and GH is uncommonly performed in pediatric patients. Despite a higher insulin requirement, metabolic control in patients with T1DM was not impaired significantly by the simultaneous treatment. Our data suggest that GHis not an absolute contraindication for treatment of children with T1DM and growth disorders.
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