Combined Oxidation-Gasification system for waste treatment with supercritical water: LCA and performance analysis

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In this study the environmental performance of a first of a kind integrated processbased on supercritical water gasification and supercritical water oxidation, was evaluatedusing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). The process was applied to the treatment of carbon blackand used oil as model waste. Mass and energy balances were performed using Aspen Plus,and the environmental assessment was carried out through SimaPro. For the analysis waschosen a “From cradle to grave” approach, considering impact categories like climatechange, ozone depletion, human toxicity, particulate matter, land use, resource depletionand others relevant indicators. The environmental profile of SCW-GcO process wascompared to other technologies for treatment of dangerous wastes, solvent mixture andexhaust mineral oils by using Ecoinvent database. It is shown that SCW-GcO allows reducingimpacts in different category and obtaining a favorable positive life cycle energy balance,achieving a good environmental performance.
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