Background and Aim:Understanding the risk factors for colorectal cancer (CRC) is crucial to the development of effective strategies for its prevention. meta-analysis and epidemiological studies have already shown that type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM) is associated with an increased risk of CRC and have provided data to support a positive relationship between these diseases. Material and Methods: We retrospectively evaluated 741 consecutive caucasian patients with type 2 DM who underewnt colonoscopic screening cof CRC and followed in our tertiary referrral center in 200-208 for incidence of CRC. Patients were stratified based on gender, age, body mass index (MBI), alchool and NSAIDS assumption, family history for cancer blood glycated hemoglobin levels, hypertension, hypertrigliceridemia, age at diabetes onset and duration, treatment with insulin or other hypoglicemic drugs. A total of 257 consecutive control patients were selected from a cohort of patients followed as outpatients for thyroid diseases. Results: At a median follow-up of 132,5 months (range 33,3-175,7) 56 cases of cancer (prevalence 7,56%) occurred; among these, 14 cases of CRC were reported (prevalence 18,8%) among the diabetic patients, while only one case (prevalence 0,004%) occurred in the control group, although this difference is not statistically significant (chi-square 2,9, P=0,08). Median duration of DM to CRC diagnosis was 156 months (range 1-768). At the univariate analysis older age (p=0,001), and diabetes duration (p=0,001) were related to higher risk of cancer, while metformin seems to be protective towards cancer (p=0,058). in the subset of patients with CRC, older age (p=0,001) and diabetes duration (p=0,001) were related to higher risk of CRC, such as treatment with sulphonylureas (p=0,01). Conclusions: Our preliminbar data show that the prevalence of CRC in the cohort of patients with type 2 DM was higher compared to that from our control group, and to that from the National Tumor Register up 2010 (0,5%). Furthermore we could interestingly hypotize that sulphonylureas may play a role in CRC carcinogenesis altering the physiological insulin secretion.
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