Codice commentato delle società

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"The comment deals with the new Italian regulation concerning the raising offinance by issue of shares and the allotment of shares in the Italian [UTF-8?]“società a responsabilità [UTF-8?]limitata†. The work highlights the most important changesoperates by the last Italian reform on company law. Specifically, the researchfocuses on the content of article 2464 of Italian Civil code and on thepossibility, innovative for a Continental lawyer, to set up a company withouttransfering any asset (i.d. neither money nor other goods) by using a guaranteeconstituted by a bank or by underwriting a contract of insurance, in both casesin favour of the company. The comment also focuses on the implementation of thesame rule in order to allow a member to allote services. The work complies withthe genre of commentary. Nevertheless, it is a study about structure andfunction of the capital in the new [UTF-8?]“società a responsabilità [UTF-8?]limitata†aimed atdemonstrating that the new regulation allows officers to evaluete allotmentsnot, as usual, at the exchange-value but at the use-value. Finally, it aims atdemonstrating that the guaratee or insurance are not the allotment in itselfbut securities taken by the company in order to improve the chances offulfillment of the [UTF-8?]member’s promise and, indirectly, in order to protectcreditors."
Lingua originaleItalian
Titolo della pubblicazione ospiteCodice commemtato delle società
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2010

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