Co-Creative, Re-Generative Smart Cities. Smart Cities and Planning in a Living Lab Perspective

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A particularly mild approach in money supply over three decades at the international level has encouraged the piling up ofsubstantial amounts of debt through urban investment, particularly in less competitive systems . It appears thereforenecessary ato elaborate stringent "urban financial statements", through a kind of digital agenda able to provide georeferencedeconomic indicators about structure, value and performance of urban capital, and therefore capable to serve as aguide in future allocative choices of the myriad of holders of some stake of the above urban capital. Recognizing the role ofsuch a multiplicity of stakeholders means to radically reconsider the transcendent assumptions of spatial planning in favor ofan immanent view of it, also suitable as reference to integrate, in a single digital guidance framework, both the above georeferencedeconomic indicators and the expressions (“images”) coming from the stakeholders themselves. But it also meansto refer to a model of self-governance of innovation, intended as a socially driven, organic process, embedded in scalableand resilient network ecosystems. This is essentially the mandate of a Territorial Living Lab, for which neverthelessgovernance is itself a matter for experimentation and innovation, as well of contamination with other models, within theobjective of combining capital investments in urban regeneration with the need to attain an effective yield on suchinvestments through diffused and citizen-based ownership of the urban innovation they aim to spark off.
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