Cittadinizzazione e policy migratorie nella Sicilia occidentale : Progettare servizi innovativi rafforzando le Pubbliche Amministrazioni in attuazione del progetto FAMI Mi.Main n. 2740

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Access to public administration services is often, for the migrant population, a search for the right key between a disproportionate number of latches. Highlight how the inclusion of some innovative services, including the Mi.Main (Migration Mainstreaming) desks designed and implemented by young graduates within the offices of the P.A., has in fact favored processes of "citizenship"It was the purpose of this volume. Preliminary to every process of inclusion are in fact the "acts of citizenship" that cross and anchor the universality of human rights to the recognition of the needs and priorities of the person. This volume describes how two teams of twenty professionals and researchers, coordinated by Ignazia Bartholini, have overcome, thanks to the funding of the project FAMI Mi.Main n. 2740, that barrier of incommunicability between bureaucracy and migrant citizens that produces inaccuracies, errors and even normative infractions, identifying and pursuing at the same time the trajectories deemed most effective to the strengthening of administrative support services addressed to the migrant population of Palermo, metropolitan city, and Trapani, district city.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2021

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