Città, intonaci, colore. Problematiche inerenti al restauro degli intonaci storici

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In the passage of time, any place makes concrete its visual identity and space determines affective relationships with people.But what happens if the volumetric and material characteristics that define the character of the places are suddenly altered?What consequences are felt if the actual process of globalization involves the spread in every place of the same materials for architecture? And what effects will determine whether this process involves the historic districts? The volume aims to retrace the dynamics of the restoration of historic towns in Italy over the last forty years, that are completely altering the urban scene in the old and charming old districts.The geographical margins, however, tend to widen to assess even what has been done in some "historic districts" in other countries.Among the instruments proposed to intervene in the old centers the so called "color plan" is critically analyzed some places it was applied in.But there is an alternative to the color plan? Is it possible to restore the plastered surfaces without restoring the facades in an arbitrary manner? The concluding part of the essay deals with the discussion of the methods of conservation of architectural surfaces with the supportof images from the restoration sites.A quality restoration can be assessed only in proportion to the amount of conserved matter, in the full respect of the historical stratifications.
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Stato di pubblicazionePublished - 2012

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NomeA08 Ingegneria civile e Architettura

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